Christine played the role of Stefanie, one of the fans at Rob Schneider's book signing event.

Christine plays a surgeon in 6:22

A military veteran is missing and young student is murdered in what appears to be a crime of passion. But the discovery of a secret payout leads police on a wild chase. Will police find the killer before they strike again?

Christine auditioned for the role of Helen Park, a deeply caring sister for her troubled brother. He often gets beaten up by kids at his school and she is the only person he will talk to.

Helen finds the last letter her brother left and just utterly breaks down.

Crying on cue was mandatory in this scene.


Join Christine at the pool party at her friend's new house!!

Paying through your phone has never been easy!

Christine sings one of her favorite gospel songs, "Shout to the Lord."

SWAG TV Commercial

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The Wasp News

The 'Resentment' Gang is back again for more inappropriateness. And of course this time it just had to be Valentine's Day.

The Wasp News

The Wasp News team gives you a glimpse into real life and shows you what people really want to say at Christmas when you hand them a thoughtless gift.

EB-5 Visa Infomercial

Christine Kim Interviews Immigration Specialist On Korean TV

From a geeky girl who got dumped by a hot rich boyfriend to a gorgeous lady who walks out on him, check out Sabrina's make-over and her new life!

Christine and her real life husband Michael did a couples' interview with Robbins Brothers The Engagement Ring Store!

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